Thank you for being a part of ANU Giving Day 2019! We're still accepting donations to the appeal. Click here if you'd like to give more than a degree.

You can invest directly in Australia's students and remove the barriers that would otherwise prevent them from experiencing everything ANU has to offer. Students like Sonesh, who wouldn't be here today and wouldn't be giving back as a mentor to refugee students if it weren't for the generosity of ANU donors and her scholarship. Watch the video below to find out more about her story, and click 'Support Us' to give more than a degree to students like Sonesh.

ANU Giving Day 2019

About The Campaign

Help us reach 650 donors

Our annual Giving Day, this year on Wednesday 18 September, is when we celebrate the many ways in which our amazing community gives back to ANU . We are raising money in support of Australia's students. Scholarships and student support mean that talented students have the opportunity to reach their full potential and influence what our world will look like in the future.

Our goal for Giving Day is 650 donations of any size, because it's not about how much you give, it's about how many of us care about and get involved with our community.

If 650 people gave...

  • $10   that would total $6,500, which could fund two travel grants
  • $20   that would total $13,000, which could fund one year's rent
  • $50   that would total $32,500, which could fund six student scholarships
  • $100  that would total $65,000, which could fund 12 student scholarships

For every 100 Giving Day donors, the University will provide an additional $10,000 of support. The challenge funds are only valid until midnight. Even if you make a gift of $100 now, it could be worth a bonus $10,000. Giving Day is the gift that keeps on giving! 2.1

Give more than a degree

Your contribution directly supports students like Soumi, who rely on scholarships and student support to choose their own path through university. Soumi appreciates the strong sense of community at ANU, and it's exactly that sense of community that is demonstrated when you give on Giving Day.

Read Soumi's story

Georgia was able to relocate from Byron Bay to Canberra to study the degree she dreamed of pursuing thanks to scholarship support. Relocating from regional and rural areas of Australia costs $5,000 on average, which isn't always accessible to students. When you give on Giving Day to scholarships and student support, you help alleviate these upfront costs that can otherwise create a barrier for talented students attending ANU.

Read Georgia's story 2.1

You can change the world of one person

Your donation could change someone's life.

Imagine waking up to the news that you've been offered a scholarship, meaning you can go to university after all. Imagine the feeling of being believed in by someone who hasn't met you. Imagine the change this student can make by having that support behind them.

Let's all give what we can and invest in the future of our students.

If you haven't already, head over to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share our posts to spread the word. 2.1