Windmill Garden - Phase 2 Needs You

The Windmill Garden is a native plant and pollinator garden located at Brookhaven College in Farmers Branch, Texas.  Launched by students, employees and community in 2016, we reached our Phase I goals thanks to generous donors.

Last summer the garden exploded with blooms and was covered in clouds of butterflies, bees, dragonflies, hummingbirds and more. Hundreds of monarch butterflies visited daily during peak migration!  The garden attracts nature lovers of all ages and backgrounds from Head Start youngsters to Master Naturalists. Help keep this a vibrant learning resource.

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- Seeds and Plants

This is where it all starts. Don't underestimate the impact!

- Educational Supplies

Child-friendly nature kits and supplies, posters and display panels. Help us reach all ages.

- Shrubs and Small Trees

These can add so much - color, texture, habitat, food source, shelter. Stretch your contribution!

- Garden Signs

Help us provide a welcoming context for a visitor. Plus tips on garden etiquette.

- Water for Wildlife

A small pool benefits insects, bunnies, birds - maybe even dogs on their walks. Plumbing supplies will be needed. Thanks for making this happen!

- Half a Load of Mulch, Compost

Yes, this stuff is costly, but necessary. Help us keep the garden healthy.

Thank You for Your Gift

Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.

Brookhaven Windmill Garden Crowdfunding

About The Campaign

Keep the Windmill Garden blooming, buzzing and inspiring.

In a remarkable first year, the Windmill Garden was so lush and diverse that a rich ecosystem quickly developed, making the garden a living learning center and bringing together Brookhaven folks and the surrounding community through educational events and volunteer opportunities. More than 50 volunteers helped out in the garden. Dozens attended events, staying out late for Moth Night, learning citizen science at the Monarch Tagging, and more.

We are living our mission to 2.1

Our Phase II goal is $5000.

Our garden is a work in progress.

With your help we can achieve these goals:

Teaching and learning

Educational programming is in full swing!  We can broaden our impact with


This plot of campus is now a thriving micro-ecosystem, and more can happen!  With your support we will


The Windmill Garden invites everyone to enjoy the wonders of nature.  A few ways we do it: 2.1

Our Phase II Team

We are Brookhaven College students, employees, alumni and community members committed to growing a beautiful learning garden. 2.1
Victor Batres 2.1
Lois Wagenseil 2.1
Pam Smith 2.1
Kathryn Gonzalez 2.1
Gerald Bartz
Joanna Carson 2.1
Amy Monroy 2.1
alyssa guidry 2.1
Andrea Chaney 2.1
Suzette Vaquera 2.1
Carrie Schweitzer 2.1
Wes Smith