Emerson Women's Lacrosse Trains in Florida!

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We are a DIII Women's Lacrosse Team that competes in the NEWMAC and we have created this fundraising page to help reduce the costs for our Spring Break Training Trip! We are a young team that will get the chance to learn about each other and grow as a team while traveling together. This trip will allow us to take a few days to focus only on lacrosse and team building without the added stress of school work, jobs and internships. 

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Emerson Women's Lacrosse

About The Campaign

The Importance of our Spring Break Training Trip!

This year we are going to take a trip to participate in the Spring Fling lacrosse tournament in the greater Port Charlotte area in Florida. In the past, our team has witnessed how important these Spring Break Training trips are for our team dynamic and team chemistry. Getting the chance to bring together 20 female college athletes from all different backgrounds is an outstanding way to break down barriers, learn about each other, and open the door to appreciate every single personality on the team. This Spring Break Training trip has set our team up for success in the past and in order to be able to provide our team with these opportunities it is crucial that we fundraise. 

These trips also allow our team to play high level lacrosse against teams that we normally would not have the chance to compete against. During our Spring Break trip this year we will be competing against John Carrol University and Bridgewater State University. We are excited to play against new teams and have the opportunity to represent Emerson College and Emerson Athletics in a different part of the country. 

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Budget Breakdown

The total cost of our trip is approximately $20,000. 

Here is the breakdown of trip costs:

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Who We Are

This year we have 20 student athletes on the Emerson Women's Lacrosse team coming from all over the country. Together, we want to have a successful year in which we are playing with confidence, competing at a high level and representing Emerson College athletics as best as possible. 

Our team consists of student-athletes studying a variety of majors from Visual and Media Arts, Marketing Communication, Political Communication, Sport Communication, Journalism, Communication Sciences and Disorders and more! We are a group of young female adults that are balancing not only school and lacrosse but internships, jobs and being involved in many clubs and organizations on campus as well! At the end of the day though, we are 20 student-athletes that love being on a team, having fun together and playing lacrosse!

Please consider being a part of our team by donating to our campaign! Thank you very much for your time and consideration and for helping us reach our full potential!


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