Bridging Borders Through Community Engagement

Emerson Alternative Spring Break is is an impactful social justice program grounded in community relationships and lifelong learning. For the fifth year, our team will unpack the issue of immigration in the United States through research, discussion, reflection, and hands-on engagement with local organizers. Students will be a part of a life-changing program that questions the status quo and takes steps to do something about it. Alternative Spring Break is more than just a week, it’s a way.

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Fans come in all sizes, we appreciate any amount of giving to our program!

Cocinero (Cook)

Delicious! Supporting our campaign at the Cocinero level provides one meal to a team member, helping to keep us energized for our long days of work.

Maestro (Teacher)

Education is where revolution begins! Supporting our campaign at the Maestro level provides one team member access to educational programs in El Paso that will foster a better understanding of community challenges and their root causes.

Viajero (Traveler)

We have a long way to go! Supporting our team at the Viajero level covers the cost of transporting to El Paso two suitcases full of clothing and food donations for our community partners.

Huésped (Host)

Home is where community comes together! Supporting our team at the Huésped level covers one night of housing for the entire team at the local community center, immersing us deeper within the community of El Paso.

Cosechero (Harvester)

Harvest the roots of change! Supporting us at the Cosechero level covers the costs of one day's community engagement activities, including a tour and presentation from a community leader and all necessary materials for the service projects, such as cleaning supplies, paint and brushes, and food for meal preparation.

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Your generous support at the Patrocinador level sponsors the costs of two week-long capacity building projects with one of our top community partners in El Paso.

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Alternative Spring Break

About The Campaign

Immigration is the civil rights issue of our time, affecting the lives and livelihoods of students, families, workers, and people from all walks of life.

Alternative Spring Break (ASB) provides participants with the opportunity to engage with community members in rich and meaningful action and reflective dialogue around the issue of immigration. During spring break week, March 3-11, 2018, our team will connect with community members and organizations in the world’s largest border community: El Paso, Texas and its sister city, Ciudad Juárez. Through hands-on engagement with local organizers, including Veronica of Corazones Unidos, Edmundo and Ivet of Chamizal Project, Carlos of the Border Farmworkers Center (Sin Fronteras), and the women of the Centro Santa Catalina sewing cooperative, participants will learn about issues of education access, economic development, food justice, and human rights, how they intersect with immigration and justice in US border communities, and about the various collaborative community approaches to addressing these issues.

After spring break, we will return to Emerson and produce a showcase to share our experiences and engage in dialogue with the college’s community. Our team will also use the knowledge and leadership skills gained in El Paso to facilitate critical intervention in our own communities – Emerson, Boston, our hometowns. Alternative Spring Break isn’t just one week of work: it’s a transformative and life-changing experience. 2.1

A Meaningful and Impactful Community Engagement Program

In the first four years of the ASB El Paso program, our team has raised enough funds each year to cover all program costs for our participants, including transportation, food, and lodging. This year, we have received a generous sponsorship from the Elma Lewis Center to cover 65% of our total basic program costs. 

This sponsorship provides an opportunity to have an even greater impact on our community partnerships. In addition to our basic program costs, our team aims to raise an additional $5,000 this year to cover supplies for all of our service projects and to compensate our community partners for their time spent working with our team so that they can continue their impactful community building programs and essential social services for community members.

We aim to raise a total of $9,000 this year to cover the expanded project costs and the remaining program costs after our sponsorship. We hope to raise at least $6,000 through this campaign, while also hosting fundraising events on and near our campus. Here is a breakdown of how these funds will be used:

➤Food for 12-14 people for 9 days = $3,800
➤Lodging for 14 people for 8 nights at Corazones Unidos = $800
➤Educational and Cultural Activities = $300
➤Service Project Supplies = $3,300
➤Fees for Tours and Presentations with Community Partners = $800

This year’s immersion program takes place from Saturday, March 3 - Sunday, March 11, 2018. In order to process all payments in time for our work in March, our goal is to complete our fundraising campaign by mid-February. 

The ASB experience is a program many Emerson students find life-changing through their college years. With your support, our program will be affordable for students and have an even greater impact on the community. Even a donation of $5 dollars would be a step closer to our goal!

Ways you can support our team:

1. DONATE today using the link at the top of this page
2. SHARE our campaign on your social media 2.1

Meet Our Team

Read more here about the members of our ASB 2018 team and why this campaign is important to them:

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