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We are looking to raise $15,000 in order to give our hard-working production crew a professional quality experience and bring our focus back to professionalism and production quality.

Our goal is to give students opportunities to work with equipment currently being used in the industry, fully support each department with a budget that allows for continued learning and growth, and represent all Emersonians with awards across all majors. 

Your support and generous donations help our designers make their visions and ideas into reality.

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Feed the Crew!

Donate a meal for one team member during production week.

Awards a Student Winner

This donation allows us to buy a trophy for a winner at either the majestic or gala shows.

Let There Be Light

A donation of this size allows us to purchase the lighting fixtures we need in order to bring light into the Cutler Majestic Theatre and so everyone watching at home can see the beauty of this show.

The Artists Circle

This generous gift allows us to finish constructing the production design that is entirely student created and executed. We hope to finish this amazing set, however we simply cannot without your help!

Silver Sponsor

Our silver supporters make up a very important portion of the cost of this show. With this donation, you will recieve one full page advertisement in The 36th Annual EVVY Awards playbill and website. We greatly appreciate our silver supporters.

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The EVVY Awards could not continue to happen for another 36 years without the support of our Gold Sponsors. With this donation, you will receive one full page advertisement in The 36th Annual EVVY Awards playbill as well as a banner advertisement integrated into the lower half of the live internet broadcast, if you wish.

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Our Platinum Sponsors make up the financial backbone of this live award show. They support the hundreds of hours we as students put into this show each week, making our future become a reality on stage. With this donation, you will receive one full page advertisement in The 36th Annual EVVY Awards playbill, a banner advertisement integrated into the lower half of the live internet broadcast, as well as one ten-second Billboard commercial advertisement during the live event thanking you for your support, if you wish.

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Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.

The 37th Annual EVVY Awards

About The Campaign

What is the EVVY Awards?

The EVVY Awards is like no other college production in the country. Modeled after professional shows such as the Emmys and the Oscars, the EVVY Awards has become the largest multi-camera, live switch event any school has to offer. This award winning show has become nationally recognized with a first place award at The National Association of College Broadcasters awards and has received two national Telly Awards.

Throughout the year, student work can be submitted in a wide variety of categories, creating a very competitive environment right here on campus. Submissions are sent out to local and national professional judges in their respective field to ensure a fair and experience judging process.

The EVVY Awards is not only an award show, it is also a student run organization which provides an adequate learning experience for hundreds of Emerson Students. Throughout the year, students can be reassured that they will be taught by using hands-on experience that will allow them to succeed in the professional world. No matter what age, or major, The EVVY Awards will have something for you.

The theme of The 37th Annual EVVY Awards is Inspirations. This year, our content will focus on what inspires us. We will showcase the works and ideas that have shaped Emerson students as artists and communicators, and reflect on how their inspirations impact their work today. By looking back, we are able to learn and move forward. Somewhere along the line we have all seen a piece of media or art and said to ourselves, "I want to do that too!" EVVY37 is a year to celebrate that spark, and reflect on how we in turn create inspirational work. Nothing is created in a vacuum- and this is a good thing! 2.1

The Gala

The Gala is a sit down dinner that takes place in our gym which is beautifully transformed for the event providing a more intimate setting than the Majestic show. Not only does the Gala allow for additional student experiences in a different event setting but it allows us to represents all majors at Emerson. We wouldn’t be able to fit all 65 awards into one night so the Gala is in place to make sure everyone gets the recognition they deserve. 

Putting on two shows can be difficult, especially transforming a gym into a beautiful setting! The night truly is special for everyone involved, and we want to ensure that this years gala is just as successful. The money we raise through USEED will directly help us raise the budget for the Gala so we can increase the quality of the experience for everyone. 2.1