The 38th Annual EVVY Awards

Imagine the Grammys, the Emmys, and the Oscars smashed into one incredible live television event and produced entirely by students. The EVVY Awards is all of this and more, and you can help make it happen! Support Emerson College's future influencers, producers, and artists as we create the 38th Annual EVVY Awards. See your contributions come to life during our live event in May!



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Feed the Crew

Donate a meal for one team member during production week.

Stock the Office

This donation helps stock the production office with paper, ink, staples, etc.

Award a Student Winner

This donation allows us to buy a trophy for one of our award winners.

Let There Be Light

A donation of this size allows us to purchase the lighting fixtures we need to bring light into the Cutler Majestic Theater so everyone watching at home can see the beauty of the show.

Future Set Designer

This generous gift allows us to finish constructing the production design that is entirely student created and executed.

Purple Sponsor

With this donation, you'll receive one 8-second commercial thanking you for your support and one full-page ad in the 38th Annual EVVY Awards program.

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With this donation, you'll receive two 8-second commercial thanking you for your support, one full-page ad in the 38th Annual EVVY Awards program, and a banner advertisement integrated into the lower half of the live internet stream.

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Platinum Sponsor

With this donation, you'll receive four 8-second commercials thanking you for your support, one full-page ad in the 38th Annual EVVY Awards program, a banner advertisement integrated into the lower half of the live internet stream, sponsor logo integrated into all EVVYs promotional materials, and the sponsor's name added to an award of your choosing (ex. The Walt Disney Company presents the award for...).

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The 38th Annual EVVY Awards

About The Campaign

About Our Campaign - Expand

The EVVY Awards is like no other college production in the country! Modeled after professional shows such as the Emmys and the Oscars, the EVVY Awards has become the largest multi-camera, live switch event any school has to offer. This award-winning show has become nationally recognized with a first place award at The National Association of College Broadcasters awards and has received two national Telly Awards.

Throughout the year, student work can be submitted in a wide variety of categories, creating a very competitive environment right here on campus. Submissions are sent out to local and national professional judges in their respective field to ensure a fair and experience judging process.

The EVVY Awards is not only an award show; it is also a student-run organization which provides an adequate learning experience for hundreds of Emerson Students. Throughout the year, students can be reassured that they will be taught by using the hands-on experience that will allow them to succeed in the professional world. No matter what age or major, The EVVY Awards will have something for you!

The theme of The 38th Annual EVVY Awards is Legacy. This year, we will not only focus on the legacy left by Emerson alumni but also as the legacy current students want to create. The works showcased in this awards show will demonstrate the talents of the artists and communicators among us, often influenced by the drive to leave our mark on the world. It is not so much about the past as it is about understanding how the past has brought us to where we are now.  EVVY38 is a year to celebrate the lasting impact that art has and how it can remain influential for years to come. Legacy aims to unite our student body and fuel a fire that encourages all of us to think big and act bigger! 2.1

Budget Breakdown

This year, we are looking to raise $15,000 through donors like you. Although that money won't be able to cover every cost associated with producing the EVVY Awards, it will pay for key elements in every department that help bring the show to life. 

Within the content department, money raised will go towards covering the cost of the music rights for the show. The music brings a fun energy to the show and the musical performances give even more students a chance to showcase their talents. 

For the aesthetics department, money from this campaign will pay for all the costuming needed for the show. Not only does this include costumes for the performances, but gowns and suits for our stunning hosts. 

In the logistics department, we will be able to pay for all of the trophies! Like the Academy Awards wouldn't be the same without their golden Oscars, the EVVY Awards just couldn't happen without our beautiful EVVYs. 

Finally, the tech department will be able to pay for a breathtaking LED wall that will hang above the stage to show nominees and winners, logos of our sponsors, clips of nominated works, and so much more. This technological element allows students to really show off their work and lets you as the audience have an even more amazing awards show experience. 

Lastly, the money raised will be able to provide craft services for the entire crew during the production week. After a long day of working hard in the theater, a good meal is well deserved for our powerful crew! 2.1

EVVY38 Production Staff

From scenic design to craft services, our production staff does it all. Take a look at the amazing students that bring the EVVY Awards to life! 2.1
Jennifer Petrilli
Jai’anna Gonzales 2.1
Sofia Murzin 2.1
Cassie Shelley
Matt Baynes
Hayley Broderick 2.1
Delaney Hyldburg 2.1
Logan Pastron
Daniel Peden 2.1
Lily Noyd 2.1
Ryan Healey
Julie Beaulieu 2.1
Lizzi Upson 2.1
Emma Cadieux 2.1
Lauren Hardt
Kayla Goodale
Liz Benjamin 2.1
Deborah Afolayan
Grace Leuper 2.1
Catherine Zenkevich 2.1
Talia Lambert
Danielle Marascalchi 2.1
Zach Honer 2.1
Kassiani Mamalakis 2.1
Jenn Wood 2.1
Emma Giulianti
Grace Tuchman
Elizabeth Bradford
Madison Brooks 2.1
Leo Duch Clerici 2.1
Brennen Kellner 2.1
Justin Schmalholz 2.1
Brett Boon
Cameron Carleton 2.1
Megan Ellis
Sophie Klokinis 2.1
Daniella Roberge
Joelle Lewis
Jamie Groele 2.1
Julija Garunkstis 2.1
Amanda Ryan 2.1
Sarah Breitbart Frischling 2.1
Jia-Yun Law 2.1
Mary Kuczkowski 2.1
Laina Swatek
Madison Dahl 2.1
Gianni Pasciuto 2.1
Cassie Cormier
Ryan Bellerose 2.1
Jonah Higaonna 2.1
Danielle Ducharme
Robert Cott 2.1
Simona Riccardi 2.1
Anna Campbell 2.1
Emily Geldermann
Jack Ferry 2.1
Dellin Zhang 2.1
Thea Nagle 2.1
Mackenzie Swaney 2.1
Thomas Coughlin 2.1
rachel westra 2.1
Ana Rosal 2.1
Samantha Yates 2.1
Will Palauskas
Tay Thai 2.1
Madeleine Hoffman 2.1
Rhegan Graham