Electrical Co-Lead

I am currently involved with the IEEE UCR Solar Car Team.  When I first joined a year ago I quickly realized I had found an amazing team willing to dive in to a complex goal.  I started as the Telemetry Lead, where I oversaw implementation of collecting and sending data in real-time from the solar vehicle to a support vehicle. Then I became Battery Protection Lead, where I determined battery type, best Battery Management System, and arrangement of batteries for optimum power output (Voltage vs Amperage), energy storage, and greatest redundancy.  Thermal engineering of batteries due to placement in reference to each individual battery, placement within battery box and car for most efficient airflow current and limitation of hot air pockets, along with limiting underutilized cool air.  

As Electrical Co-Lead I currently oversee battery design, cooling, solar array, PCB, wiring, power management, and ensure communication between the electrical and mechanical teams.

Sean Pickman Sean Pickman

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