UW SARP 2018

The Society for Advanced Rocket Propulsion (SARP) is a team of student engineers at the University of Washington working to give the experience of designing and building rocket to undergraduate students. Every year our goal is to apply engineering fundamentals and theory with hands-on experience to design, construct, and launch an advanced hybrid rocket. Last year we competed in, and won, the 30k Hybrid Motor division in the Spaceport America Cup, conducted by the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA) in New Mexico. We want to do it again.


Hit the Drawing Board

This will go towards 3-D printing prototypes of vehicle components and payload designs. All donors will receive a personal thanks from the SARP team!

Fire the (Subscale) Motor!

Purchases materials for sub-scale testing and coupons for the carbon fiber structure. This will give members their first hands-on work with manufacturing and testing.

Fuel Up

Purchases materials for the main manufacture of the motor assembly, electronics, and carbon fiber structure.

Mission Control

Put a roof over 4 team member’s heads for a night during the competition in Las Cruces, NM!

T Minus 10

The SARP team gets 100 miles closer to the competition in Las Cruces, NM. We will display your name or company name on the launch vehicle!

Start Ignition

Test fire our hybrid motor! This will pay for the propellant and thermal shielding for one full-scale test fire.

Bronze Level - Lift Off!

This amount could pay for the layup materials for the manufacturing of the rocket's carbon fiber body. The team will give you or your company a shout out on our Facebook and website, place a small company logo or individual name on our competition shirts, and place you as a sponsor on our website!

Silver Level - 1,000 feet

This pays for transportation and fuel for one static fire test of the propulsion system. As a Silver level sponsor, you will receive a medium name or logo on the rocket, and your name or logo on our newsletter.

Gold Level - 10,000 feet

Funds the machining of the composite materials on our rocket! As a Gold sponsor, you will have an even larger logo placed on the rocket and our competition t-shirts, and a special shout out in our newsletter.

Platinum Level - 20,000 feet

This amount allows us to design and develop the Thermal Protection System that ensures that everything inside the rocket doesn't overheat! As a Platinum sponsor, you will be able to place an Extra Large sized name or logo on the competition shirt and rocket.

Purple Level - 30,000 feet!

This would fund all the fuel needed for the entire year as well as the remote fill system, which is responsible for filing the rocket with the oxidizer from a safe distance! For this amount, you get to name the scientific payload, recieve the maximum sized decal of your name or logo on the rocket and the competition t-shirt, and additional promotion of company at all public SARP events.

Thank You for Your Gift

Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.


About The Campaign

About Our Campaign

We are raising funds to cover the cost of the materials and testing for the rocket and allow as many aspiring rocket engineers travel to the final competition as possible, come June.

SARP gives students the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to work as successful engineers. Rocket engineering provides technical challenges, opportunities to innovate, and a realistic engineering environment that fosters communication and teamwork. At the Spaceport America cup, over 80 teams from around the globe will compete with their student-designed rockets. We will be competing in the most technically rigorous category, the Student Designed and Manufactured Hybrid division. Our rocket will be launched to 30,000 feet and activate an experimental payload.

All design, analysis, and manufacturing is performed by the students. We follow the engineering process for building our rocket from start to finish, meaning our students see the rocket on the drawing board, on the launch rail, and in the air.

Hybrid motors are an alternative high energy propulsion system that holds the potential to send humans to space. Hybrids are already being developed to take tourists to the edge of space and people into low earth orbit. We want to be a part of the future by actively working with breakthroughs being made in the field of hybrid technology. Your generous donations will directly impact student hybrid rocket development, paving the way for the future of spaceflight.

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Budget Breakdown

The budget is broken up into the sub-team and technical layouts, seen below. Building a rocket requires significant financial support. As a student-run organization, we rely solely on the support of donors like you. The funds raised from this campaign go toward:

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More About Us

SARP is comprised of four technical teams and an administrative team.
Propulsion: develops the hybrid motor, researches new designs for an optimal motor structure, develops highly-efficient hybrid fuels.
Structures: designs and constructs the carbon fiber body structures and fiberglass nose cone.
Recovery: builds the parachute deployment system to bring the rocket home safely, designing of redundant and ultra-safe systems to maximize the re-usability.
Avionics: builds the deployable rover along with the electronics to monitor our rocket during flight.
Business: handles the administrative aspects of SARP such as acquisition of materials and funding, managing SARP’s budget, outreach, and ensuring flawless communication among technical teams.

This is a great opportunity for students to participate in experimental rocket development, and we would like you to be a part of it. Everybody is invited to follow our progress to launch on Facebook, Instagram, and our SARP website; we will recognize donors proudly through our donors list, on social media and on the rocket itself! We hope you’ll join us in enabling the future engineers of space travel! 

For corporate donors or individuals who have corporate matching on donations, please refer to giving.uw.edu/sarp

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Hannah Schnelz
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Jiacheng Chen
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Adrian Lo
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Peyton Wells
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Samantha Mak
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William Browne
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Andrew Dineen
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Eric Wang
Rori Fortmann
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Roman Lukomskiy
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Efe Hatinoglu
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Julian Woo
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Nicholas Sianghio
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Cassidy Collinge
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Alex Holden
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Brandon Scheer
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Jordan Mark
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Ryan O'Hara
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Cris Midrigan
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Chris Yoo
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Parmandeep Kaur
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Holly Gummelt
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Monica Ortman
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Quentin Roberts
Vinson Yau
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Grace Zoppi
Michelle Graebner
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Kim Luu
Oliver Ruo
Zachary Tom
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Danylo Sandursky
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jennifer arends
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Jared Smythe
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Meera Unadkat
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Joseph DePalma
Nolan Shinn
Shamber Goldstein
Ethan Arpin
Harrison Robel
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Zayden Chen
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Sanchit Singh
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Matthew Suhy
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Makoto Eyre
Jax Damir
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Chris Phan
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Khalil Jones-Taalib
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Cristian Midrigan
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Natasha Braunstein
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Carson Houk
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Marissa LaMadrid-Herrmannsfeldt
Sam Douglass
Alex Vasquez
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Morgan Walker
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Andrew MacKinnon
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Julia Slusarski
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Hannah Stevens
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August Honnell
Aaron Abeyta
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Austin Cassayre
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Katherine Butler
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Cody Olson
Natalie Shen
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Chris van den Heuvel
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Cameron Miller
Taylor Adams
Thomas Moccia
Howard Peng
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Zachary Gommi
Eric Jeong
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Daniela Nankova
Roy Zhang
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Gabriel Thompson
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Jimmy Ragan
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