UC Riverside Solar Car Project

The UC Riverside Solar Car Project is a student run project founded in 2017. We are currently constructing our very first racing vehicle for competition in the 2019 Formula Sun Grand Prix. Find out more about our project below!

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Gift of $5

With only $5, you can make a difference in our project! $5 is enough to purchase a single Lithium-Ion 18650 battery.

Thank You Postcard

Our success relies on our community. With a donation of $10, we will send you a personalized, handwritten thank you card, signed by the UCR Solar Car Team!

UCR Solar Car Stickers

With a donation of $25, we will be one step closer to a greener future. To thank you, we'll send you custom UCR Solar Car stickers as memorabilia. Includes all gift benefits below this level.

3D Printed Model

With a donation of $50, you will provide a lasting impact on our team's success. To say thanks, we'll send you a custom 3D printed model of our vehicle, Grian. Includes all gift benefits below this level.


We'll thank you by providing you with an official UCR Solar Car t-shirt. Includes all gift benefits below this level.

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You will be featured in a special donor section on our team's website and Facebook page. Includes all gift benefits below this level.

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Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.

UC Riverside Solar Car Team

About The Campaign

About US

Who Are We

The UC Riverside Solar Car is a student run project founded in 2017 by UCR-IEEE student members. Since its creation, UC Riverside Solar Car has produced a small-scaled, highly-efficient electric solar vehicle, in preparation for our first full-scaled build. This project aims to challenge students in order to design, build, test, and race vehicles that are completely powered by the sun.

Our team at the University of California, Riverside is comprised of over twenty-five dedicated undergraduate students from various majors with one common goal in mind: to raise awareness about alternative energy-based transportation. We are currently constructing our very first racing vehicle for competition in the 2019 Formula Sun Grand Prix. Our solar vehicle will be built from the ground up by our hard-working team members, along with the expertise of the faculty at UC Riverside.

The UC Riverside Solar Car Project offers our team members practical hands-on experience in the fields of engineering and business development. By showcasing our fully-functional solar powered vehicle, we aim to inspire the public to shift towards the use of more sustainable and renewable energy sources for transportation. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote a collaborative relationship between students and sponsors to present a future of alternative energy and sustainable transportation. Throughout the process of our project, we strive to contribute to Southern California’s growing technology ecosystem, raise awareness of solar energy, and ultimately inspire students to produce real solutions on pressing environmental issues.

Why Donate  

In order to complete our journey, we will need your support! Our team still needs to raise $10,000 to complete our vehicle for our 2019 competition. With your kind donations, our team will be able to build our custom, one-of-a-kind aeroshell!

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What is a Grian?

Grian is the name of our first solar car! He represents the significant progress in the UC Riverside Solar Car’s mission to create a future of sustainable transportation and alternative energy. Grian is the result of numerous meetings, hard work, and student dedication. He is the heart and soul of our project. Check out what makes Grian so special!





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Meet Our Team

This project would not be what it is today without these hardworking students:

Jacob Poole
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Sean Pickman
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Marcus Yee
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Kyle Semelka
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Yosuke Inagaki
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Albert Dang
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Paven Bhogal
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Leo G. Ortega III
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Carissa Lo
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Shirin Massoumi
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Sam Wiggins
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Lilly Chang
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Jonathan Chiem
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Rachel Bocar