We are transforming a global community of students into leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. 

The MATE ROV Competition challenges brilliant young minds from around the world to design and build remotely operated vehicles (underwater robots or ROVs) to tackle problems based on real-life scenarios. The competition ignites the fire and passion in students, transforms them into leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs by utilizing talents in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

We invite you to help shape the future of these aspiring innovators! Your contribution allows MATE Inspiration for Innovation (MATE II) to continue to offer this unique learning experience; one where students grow, gain confidence, challenge themselves, collaborate, and develop a sense of business know-how. We provide students with the ability to move forward in their educational journeys with the enhanced critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are needed to innovate and achieve success in the global workplace!

“It's really cool to experience... all these people from different areas coming together to do one thing and that is to make the world a better place.”

 - Aptos High School, 2018 competition

Bright Futures Campaign 2019

Why It Matters

We are igniting entrepreneurial passion.

Personal growth takes desire, due diligence, and teamwork. Through the competition, MATE II provides the vehicle (pun intended!), to build and excite students’ creative minds and motivate them to transform the future. MATE II offers the only underwater robotics competition that focuses on finding solutions to problems faced around the globe – from plastics in the ocean to contaminated sediments – and introducing students to a business mindset that includes finances, research, development, marketing, and media outreach. Your support creates the trailblazing pathway for pioneering their inventive future.  

“Not many people can say they started a company at 15 years of age. This is going to help us a lot going into the workforce, having that company experience already with us.”

-Dobyns‐Bennett High School, 2018 competition

Help the Cause

We are developing people.

Your supports a program that engages and transforms thousands of students from around the WORLD each year. The program isn’t just a competition, it’s the stage that sets the “theory into practice” experience. It’s the venue for connecting a global community of learners to find ways to address societal challenges. It’s the pathway to engineering, mathematics, science, and technology careers. It’s a competition that develops the person, more so than the ROV!

“It gives you self confidence... that you can do anything, that you could accomplish anything in the future.”

-Alexandria University, Egypt, 2018 competition

The Difference You Can Make

We put students on the pathway to a career and to changing the world! 

Every contribution helps. And with this competition, the effects are widespread and long-lasting. MATE students are out in the workplace making a difference, and you can too.
"The MATE ROV Competition develops real-world problem solving, critical thinking skills, and the kind of brainpower, talent, and commitment that will change the world for the better.”

– David Golden, Eastman Foundation

These students have bright futures ahead of them ~ just watch and listen here!

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