PLU Lūʻau 2019

This crowdfunding project is no longer active, but if you would still like to support Hawaii Club and the Asian Pacific Islander Student Association, you can do so here (just make a note in the donation comments field).

On behalf of Pacific Lutheran University's Nā Hoaloha Oʻ Hawaiʻi and the Asian Pacific Islander Student Association have strived to create a sense of family, community and belonging for the past several years by sharing the love of the different cultures we grew up with.  Both of our organizations have come together once again to host our third annual lūʻau at PLU. After bringing back the Lūʻau, it has been a success thanks to our committees, families, friends, donors, and everyone who continues to support us throughout the journey!  As we all continue to grow and share our stories, with your contribution, you can help us to continue on this voyage by donating to the lūʻau in order for us to maintain a strong sense of self and community pride of our heritage as we unpack the until stories of the Pacific.

No contribution is EVER too small! We thank you in advance for your support. Donors will be honorably mentioned during Lūʻau, included in our complimentary program, and listed on our wall of donors (unless you opt to remain anonymous).

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Guest Leis

Your gift of $5 will go towards leis for each guest that attends the Lu'au. Mahalo for your donation!


A gift of $15 means that we can purchase new decorations for guest tables and country store. Mahalo for your donation!

Live Performances

Your gift of $50 will go towards paying live performers for the event. Mahalo for your donation!

Performers Costumes

A gift of $100 means that we can buy a set of costumes for one our performances. Mahalo for your generous donation!

Food and Catering

A gift of $500 means that we will be able to fund our catering and food services. Mahalo for your very generous donation!

Thank You for Your Gift

Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.

Completed! Nā Hoaloha Oʻ Hawaiʻi and Asian Pacific Islander Student Association

About The Campaign

E Lohe I Nā Moʻolelo I Haʻiʻole ʻIa O Ka Pākīpika

The theme for this year's lūʻau is, E Lohe I Nā Moʻolelo I Haʻiʻole ʻIa O Ka Pākīpika, in translation it means "Hear the Untold Stories of the Pacific". Our event will be held on Saturday, April 6th, 2019 at Pacific Lutheran University's Olson Gymnasium. The reason why we chose this theme is because our goal is to continue spreading the culture and stories that we grew up from in hopes to promote a more diverse and inclusive environment towards the PLU community. We aim to continue educating others of each of our students' individual backgrounds by incorporating the different cultures along the islands of the Pacific such as Hawaiian, Tahitian, Samoan, and the Philippines. Through this event, we will open the minds and hearts of many through our music, dance, and food to share each of our stories.'

We invite you to celebrate this occasion that invites us all to come together to “talk story,” make memories, and get a taste of the various cultures we're going to present! 2.1

Budget Breakdown

What our team seeks and hopes to accomplish through crowdfunding is to continue spreading cultural awareness and educational diversity through our Lūʻau event. The Lūʻau is meant to unify and bring people together, build community and friendships through peers, faculty, friends, and family. With the money that we raise through crowdfunding, all proceeds will go towards the upcoming lūʻau this year, and for future lūʻau's as well. The funds will be allocated towards our committees such as: entertainment, decorations, etc.

$800 -- Food and Catering budget

$500 -- Performers Costumes

$200 --  Decorations

Your gift goes towards supporting Lūʻau will allow us to carry on the tradition of sharing the love of our cultures. We cannot thank you enough for your generosity and support. Mahalo iā 'oe! 2.1

Our `Ohana!

Our team is made up of members from Nā Hoaloha Oʻ Hawaiʻi and the Asian Pacific Islander Student Association. We enjoy putting on this production for the PLU community, our friends and family, and for the public. We hope that through events like this, we will continue to unify both of our clubs and show our dedication and passion in sharing our cultures through different social activities. We invite you to continue hearing our stories through the islands of the Pacific and allow us to carry it on for the next several years!

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Taylor Maruno 2.1
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Cassandra Uyema 2.1
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Alexia Ngin 2.1
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Caylie Shiramizu 2.1
Divine Taguicana
Graceline Joy Reyes 2.1
Alinah Ibana 2.1
April Sabor 2.1
Telesia Pasese 2.1
Angelika Marie Ilagan 2.1
Gabriel Rivera 2.1
Spencer Hokama 2.1
Bridget Nalam 2.1
Hannah Siitia 2.1
Kayla Kashima 2.1
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