Help PLU continue to work with and for undocumented students!

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Across the United States in May, students graduating from high school holding a college admissions letter can look ahead to continuing their education in the fall. College seniors and graduate students will each head to Commencement and celebrate the successful completion of their education. At PLU, we are committed to ensuring that May is both a month of hope and anticipation for undocumented high school seniors and a month of celebration and success for college seniors and graduate students.  

Today, we reach out to ask for your help raising $8000 to continue working with and for undocumented students and providing them with the stability and materials they need to reach their goals! 

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$20 allows us to continue strengthening our network of support


$50 gives students access to clickers, lab coats and goggles, and other essential course instruments.


$150 gives students access to expensive course materials such as textbooks, software subscriptions and clickers.


$200 allows students to connect with an immigration lawyer for initial counsel addressing any questions or concerns they have.


$500 allows a student to stay on campus by ensuring that they can cover tuition gaps and continue their studies.

Thank You for Your Gift

Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.

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About The Campaign

We believe that everyone has a right to an education.

By contributing to this campaign, you will help us continue to strengthen and expand a robust network of support for our students, so they have access to educational materials, can cover tuition costs, and stay focused on their academic success in these uncertain times. Donate today and help us make May a month of hope and celebration for all undocumented students studying at PLU!

We are proud of the work that we have done since 2017 to create a campus culture that recognizes the needs of undocumented students and acts in order to ensure their success: 2.1

A robust network of support

By donating to this campaign, you will help us continue to build a robust network of support that provides students with access to expensive course essentials and with a sense of belonging and stability in uncertain times. Your donation will: 

Every dollar counts toward helping us strengthen and expand our commitment to helping students access education and achieve academic success! Help us reach our goal of $8000! 

University (A Collective Poem)

By: The Gold Group (PLU’s community of undocumented students)

As a first generation student, I arrived to college with fear, excitement, grit, and motivation to break this cycle of not continuing our education after high school to work hard labor jobs. 

It is easy to get caught up on the things of yesterday and worry about the uncertainty of tomorrow. The responsibility of being the “role model” has always weighed down on me.

But now as I see myself fulfilling my dreams I know that all the late nights, tears, and stress are worth it. I want to cherish the time in which I am living right now with love, freedom and perseverance until the end.  

My resilience was gifted to me by my parents hard work as immigrants in this country, and that resiliency has only grown. Not only does it protect me, but it gives my little sisters hope, and it fuels my  determination to succeed. 

In spite of obstacles,  grit and perseverance vitalize my desire to become a highly-motivated, ethical, working professional.  I learned to take adversity and convert it into rocket fuel. 2.1
Rona Kaufman 2.1
Katherine Wiley 2.1
Brenda Llewellyn Ihssen
Callista Brown 2.1
Tamara Williams 2.1
Saiyare Refaei 2.1
Adam Arnold 2.1
Joanna Royce-Davis 2.1
Roberto Arteaga 2.1
Christine Moeller 2.1
Marit Trelstad 2.1
Giovanna Urdangarain 2.1
Lorena Guerrero 2.1
Adela Ramos 2.1
Nicole Juliano