As a Critical Technology Studies scholar and a practicing digital artist, this symposium is my passion project. But I can't do it alone.

As someone who studies and creates art with emerging technologies, I have come to understand that, when it comes to technological innovation, what connects us can also separate us.

In my MFA program in Emergent Digital Practices, I created wearable technology that connects people through movement. In my PhD studies in Communication, I have studied how new and emerging media technologies create spaces for people to come together in protest, creating social movements, a shared vision for change, and collective works of expression. 

However, I have also studied how invisible algorithms on the web may herd us into echo chambers, cutting us off from encounters with difference; how the same social media connectivity that brings people together in a movement can be used to spread hate speech and violence; and how video-, audio-, and photo-manipulation software can be used to spread mistruths about basic premises of reality.

Drone technology is primed to explode across the military, law enforcement, media, commercial, transportation and scientific industries. My vision for a space where participants from a number of diverse perspectives can discuss the promises and hazards of drone technology comes from the understanding that all innovation creates unintended consequences, both positive and negative. And that if we as humans fail to shape the conversation about these innovations, they will end up shaping us.

I created this symposium so that my passion for both creative and traditional scholarly research can co-mingle with each other, and with the brilliance of a diverse community of thought leaders. And I am very passionate about bringing that conversation to my academic home at Pacific Lutheran University, so that students, staff, faculty, and community members can be a part of it.

Your generous support can help make this vision successful.

Kate Hoyt Kate Hoyt
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Breakfast for a scholar, artist, or industry leader

We are inviting participants from all over the country to take part in the symposium. A gift of $10 will ensure one of our symposium presenters are well-fed, bright-eyed, and ready to partake in important conversations about drone technology.

Lunch for two scholars, artists, or industry leaders

We want our symposium participants to be nourished and supported as they share their work with the PLU community and beyond. $25 will go toward providing lunch in The Commons for our presenters.

Help transport symposium presenters to/from their hotel

With so many guests flying in from out of town, your $50 gift will ensure smooth transit between the hotel and the PLU campus.

Art Installation Equipment

We have a number of digital and traditional artists who will be installing their work in PLU's University Gallery. A $75 gift will help ensure our visiting artists can hang art, secure digital equipment, route power, create beautiful signage, and support the technological needs of the artworks.

One night of lodging for a visiting scholar, artist, or industry leader

We are expecting guests from across the country; $150 will help us cover the lodging costs for symposium presenters.

Fly in a scholar, artist, or industry leader

We will be covering the transportation costs of all symposium presenters; a $500 gift will pay for a guest's air travel costs.

Sponsor an out-of-town symposium presenter

$1,000 will cover airfare and a 2-night stay in a hotel for one prominent leader in the academic, technological, commercial, artistic, media, policy, and military industries. Help make this conversation as well-represented as possible.

Thank You for Your Gift

Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.

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