This campaign provides a unique opportunity to maximize our team experience in college athletics.

This crowdfunding campaign is providing us a opportunity to go beyond a standard season. This trip allows us the ability to travel out of state and compete at a different venue with greater competition, along with capabilities to build relationships among fellow team members. This is a one time opportunity in my athletic career and any help is greatly appreciated.

Carson Ketter Carson Ketter
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Feed a Lute

Funds one meal for a student-athlete on the trip

Meet Entry

Cover cost of one individual meet entry fee

Facility Rental

Pays for one day of facility rental for training.

House a Lute

Covers one night lodging for the group.

Transport a Lute

One day of van rental to get the team around San Diego

Plane Ticket to SD

Covers airfare for one student-athlete to San Diego and home

Feed all the Lutes

Covers a meal for the entire team!

House all the Lutes

Covers a night of lodging for the whole team!

Thank You for Your Gift

Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.

Completed! PLU Track & Field: Trip to San Diego