Help 3 Chemistry Majors Research with an Alumna This Summer

This crowdfunding project is no longer active, but if you would still like to support student research in the natural sciences, you can make a gift here (just write a note in the donation comment field).

Pacific Lutheran University's Division of Natural Sciences is thrilled to have three of our Chemistry majors heading to Evanston, Illinois this summer for 10 weeks of hands-on research. They'll be working in the lab of Dr. Karla Fullner Satchell (Bio major, Chem minor '88) at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine, one of the nation's top 20 medical schools. 

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About The Campaign

Lutes Helping Lutes

Dr. Karla Fullner Satchell, Professor of Microbiology-Immunology at Northwestern, is a world-renowned researcher in bacterial toxins and has opened her lab to our students in order to continue the tradition of Lutes supporting Lutes. “I was lucky to have a science professor as a family friend to offer me a similar job when I was a junior in college that helped me on this path. I think it is time to pay it forward,” Dr. Satchell said.

Research internships are an important part of the undergraduate experience for science majors. Summer research provides students an opportunity to gain confidence, hone lab skills, make professional connections, and clarify future career and educational paths. Summer research can be, simply put, a life-changing experience. 2.1

Here's How You Can Help

Our students will be working full-time earning minimum wage in Dr. Satchell's lab; however, room and board are not included. We're hoping to raise $2,500 for each of the three students in order to help offset costs (housing, dining, utilities) associated with participating in this incredible research opportunity, while also allowing them to keep some of the money they earn over the summer.  

The Division of Natural Sciences is providing up to $300 for each student to put towards travel expenses, and the students will try to find an apartment to sublet together, so major expenses are shared. Still, Evanston is expensive and short-term rentals over the summer months can be tough to find on a budget. This is where we need your help!

Individual Expenses - total costs per student

Subtotal: $1,643/student/10 weeks


Shared Expenses - total living expenses per month

Subtotal: $2,550 - $3853/10 weeks

Total per student for the summer: $2496 - $2,927

Any additional money not used for shared expenses will be put towards individual expenses. 2.1

Meet Our Student Researchers

Carson Bergstrom, Chemistry Major '20

Megan Packer, Chemistry Major '20

Kyle Siemers, Chemistry '20 2.1
Carson Bergstrom 2.1
Kyle Siemers 2.1
Megan Packer