Help put fast athletes in fast boats

This crowdfunding project is no longer active, but if you would still like to support Men's Rowing, you can do so here (just make a note in the donation comments field).

The PLU Men's Rowing program has made significant strides in the past 18 months.  We want to restore the vibrant, competitive nature of the program and we need your help.

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Secure the seat to the boat so the wheels of the seat have something to easily glide on. Ensures that an athlete can put power consistently through the drive of their stroke.

Foot Stretchers

Help keep an athlete secure in the boat, while also giving them a platform to push off of.


A gift of $100 will help to put a seat in the new shell. The seats are high speed and are the connection from the athlete to the water and blade. They are critical for success. These seats are all carbon fiber and hand made.


A rigger, starboard or port helps to get the power from the athlete into the water. It's the connection from the oar the athlete holds to the water. This critical component of our boat is our fulcrum for work. Without it, we couldn't be as efficient or powerful.

Pair of Riggers

Two riggers, one starboard and one port, helps get the power from two athletes into the water. These are critical components to the operation of the boat.

Boat Cover

Keeps a new boat in great condition by protecting the shell from damage during transport to and from regattas.

Audio Wiring

The audio wiring in the shell is critical to the crew's success during a race. The communication between the coxswain and the rower is essential to communicate race tactics and strategy, placement on the race course, and overall information from the coxswain to the crew.

The Entire Boat

A gift of the total goal is exactly how to get a boat named after you. What an impactful decision to make!

Thank You for Your Gift

Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.

Completed! PLU Men's Rowing 2018: The Next Chapter

About The Campaign

Help us write the next chapter of PLU Men's Rowing

We are building a competitive and sustainable program focused on developing student-athletes now to be productive, engaged, healthy citizens in the future.  Our athletes work hard to improve their rowing technique, physical fitness and mental toughness.  

At present, the team is able to compete at a higher level than our current fleet of shells allows.  We have three 4-person shells, the newest of which is 17 years old.  Our average shell is 20 years old- the same age as our average team member.  

The initial goal of this campaign is to raise $7,500 towards a new 4+, which will cost $15,000.  When we reach the $7,500 mark, our campaign will continue to see if we can raise the total cost.  If we fall short, we will save the money earned to put towards a shell as soon as we can raise the remainder of the funds needed.  Our true need is for two 4-person shells ($30,000 total) and we will look for ways to raise the funds for the second boat throughout 2018.

We want to modernize our equipment while building on both the rich tradition of PLU rowing and the recent momentum of the program.  

While we have earned some measures of success, we have lofty goals ahead and need your help to realize them.  We ask that you support our continued growth by contributing to this campaign and spreading the word about PLU Men's Rowing.  Go Lutes! 2.1

PLU Men's Rowing 2017-2018: Athletes & Coach

Click on the profiles below to see what the sport of rowing and the PLU Men's Rowing program mean to the team members.

Aleksander Jensen
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Lisa DiMascolo
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William Senseman
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David Harvey
Ian Farrell
George Prigge
Liam O'Kane
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Holly Knutsen
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James Miller
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Emily Fields
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Jack Halsey
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Malcolm Schoenlein