This campaign will help the Men's Soccer program represent PLU on a local, regional, and national level and will continue to provide opportunity for our student athletes to be committed to excellence in their academics, athletics and community!

This crowdfunding project is no longer active, but if you would still like to support the PLU Men's Soccer, you can make a gift here (just write a note in the donation comment field).

Each year the costs of operating a collegiate soccer program increase at a greater rate than our budgets can keep up with.  The costs of mandatory conference travel (bus, food, hotel stay), uniform and equipment needs, referee fees, and the other day to day operation items, continue to increase yearly.  In order to meet the minimum requirements it takes to compete in a full season, we annually need to raise at least 25% additionally to our budget.  

In addition to travel, equipment, and other maintenance costs, we are in need of:

- An equipment storage container 

- Secure places for our student athletes to keep their gear.  

- Improvements to our team area

- Due to the generosity of our supporters we are additionally fundraising to alleviate expenses involved with having to provide guarantees to teams that will travel to Tacoma to play us in 2020.  To bring two teams in and to avoid travel expenses will cost approximately $6,000  

PLU Men's Soccer is consistently one of the top teams in our region and as we continue to make competing in the national tournament and providing a great student athlete experience for our players part of our annual goals, this campaign will allow our team to compete in a "championship" way and continue to give our deserving student-athletes the experience they have earned. 

Your support is invaluable to our program.  Your gift to Men’s Soccer will make a difference! 

Thank you for your support!

- PLU Men's Soccer

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Provides meal money for a player on an away game day

Funds the purchase of 1 new team travel bag

Funds the purchase of 1 new uniform (Shirt, Shorts, Socks, Printing)

Funds a pre-game light meal for team on away games

This provides two nights of hotel stay for 3 players on our conference road trips

Funds installation of 1 locker for players in team room

Covers a team dinner on away game trips

Funds one round trip airline ticket for necessary pre-season travel

A $500 donation makes a significant contribution to our team budget needs

Funds referee costs for one home game

Funds a "guarantee" that allows us to bring in outside competition and avoid travel

Funds a weekend of hotel stay for one of our three conference road trips

Funding for an on site equipment storage container

Funds the cost of a round trip bus expense for a conference away weekend of games

Would cover a significant amount of the cost of a weekend travel commitment for conference matches

A donation of this size would cover all of the expenses associated with our conference travel weekend to Eastern Washington

Would cover our necessary fundraising needs for a fiscal year

Thank You for Your Gift

Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.

Completed! PLU Men's Soccer 2019

About The Campaign

PLU Men's Soccer

PLU Men's Soccer is one of the top programs in the NW Conference and the West Region.  We are consistently in the top 3 of our conference standings with recent championships in 2011, 2017, 2018 and are annually one of the top 10  programs in our Region.  

Even more importantly, our student athletes consistently achieve in the classroom, graduate on time, and are leaders on campus and in the community.  Our team has a cumulative GPA of over 3.0, volunteer with Special Olympics, and are involved in leadership organizations on campus. 

As is the case with many athletic programs around the nation our budgetary demands to remain committed to this quality of excellence exceed what we are allocated on a yearly basis.  As the basic costs of running a program continue to increase at a higher rate than budgets can afford to, it becomes more and more important that our student athletes and coaching staff fundraise to continue a high quality collegiate athletic experience.  

Your support will help fund the basics of our program such as pre-season and regular season travel, equipment and uniform costs, and improvements to our team facilities.  

Thank you for giving to PLU Men's Soccer 2.1

Our Budget

Expense for a NWC weekend:

Spokane/Walla Walla

Bus Trip to Eastern WA - $5,500

2 nights of hotel in Walla Walla and Spokane - $2,200

Meals for 25 players and staff (Friday-Sunday) - $1600

Total = $9,300

Oregon Road Trip x 2

Bus trip to Oregon - $3,700

2 nights of Hotel - $2200

Meals for 25 players and staff (Friday-Sunday) - $1600

Total = $7,500 x 2 trips = $15,000 2.1

The 2019-2020 Team

As two time defending NWC Champions we are excited for the upcoming year!

Our team consists of diverse young men from different backgrounds that all have a common thread of being committed to excellence in their academics, athletics, and community. 

In addition to being successful on the field, we have a team GPA over 3.0 and every one of our players is involved in community outreach at some level.  

This is truly an excellent group of young men that will make the most of whatever support you can give! 2.1
Emmanuel Saah 2.1
Cole Weaver
Nick Brundage
Darius Joe 2.1
Rainier Schlekewey 2.1
Derek Stone 2.1
Mason Joe 2.1
Jaisen Zurfluh 2.1
Marcus Martin 2.1
Ola Kvindesland 2.1
Matthew Koczan 2.1
Jackson Moore 2.1
Ryan Klee 2.1
Willy Leiste 2.1
John Yorke 2.1
Matthew Smith 2.1
Spencer Hokama 2.1
Tyler Erickson 2.1
Keeton Heggerness 2.1
Sam Ebner
Zachary Manao
RJ Noll 2.1
Giovanni Brigola
Peter Voiles 2.1
Ryan Griffith
Simon Mayberry
Joseph Sammartino 2.1
Archie Caldwell
Thai Nguyen