Help our 60 Student-Athletes compete at WIRA Championships

This crowdfunding project is no longer active, but if you would still like to support the PLU Rowing teams, you can make a gift here (just write a note in the donation comment field).

Pacific Lutheran Men's and Women's rowing teams need your help. We are headed to the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association (WIRA) Championships with our largest contingent of athletes in 20 years! This Championship level regatta is essentially a West Coast Championship for small colleges and clubs. For the women's squad this is our last chance to show to the NCAA Selection Committee that we deserve to be at the NCAA Championships. For the men, this is our chance to test our mettle from the season to see if we have earned the right to represent PLU at the ACRA National Championships. 

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Snacks & Drinks: Prime to perform and optimize recovery

Your contribution of $50 will help ensure our athletes are primed to perform before and optimize their recovery after races and training rows.

Meals for one athlete for the trip

A gift of $75 will feed one athlete for the three and a half day trip. This includes meals, snacks and drinks to fuel one Lute throughout the trip.

Entry fee for a 4+

Pay the entry fee for one 4+ to compete on Lake Natoma.

Airfare for one athlete

A gift of $250 will cover airfare for one athlete to fly to and from Sacramento.

Sponsor a Lute

Sponsor an athlete for the trip. A gift of $500 will cover one athlete's share of all expenses for the trip.

Entry fees for all PLU boats

This will cover entry fees for all boats from both the men's and women's teams. We will have one of our largest contingents competing in years. Help your Lutes get on the water.

Sponsor a 4+

Sponsor a competing 4+. A gift of $2,500 will cover all expenses for 4 rowers and a coxswain to travel to and compete at WIRA.

Meals, snacks and drinks

A gift of $5,000 will cover all meals, snacks and drinks for all athletes and coaches traveling to Sacramento this year.

Lodging for the teams

A gift of $10,000 will provide lodging for all of the athletes on both teams for the trip. A good night's sleep is critical to athletes' performance on the water. Hotels also provide a quiet place to study, hold team meetings and relax.

Airfare for the entire squad

Purchase airfare for the entire Lute contingent competing at WIRA. Fill up the planes with black and gold. We'll send you some cool pictures of grateful, airborne Lutes.

Thank You for Your Gift

Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.

Completed! PLU Rowing 2019

About The Campaign

Sacramento, CA where Champions are Revealed

The Pacific Lutheran University Men's and Women's Rowing team is competing at the WIRA Championships - essentially the West Coast Championships at Lake Natoma in California. 

For generations this regatta has proved to be a pivotal late season regatta. If you were here in the 80's or 90's you raced at WIRA or maybe PCRC's (Pacific Coast Rowing Championships). No matter when you rowed at PLU or if you've been involved for only a short time with PLU Rowing the team has taken a trip to Sacramento, CA to race. This trip though, costs a large amount of money and this is where we need your help.

The Breakdown (for 60 athletes and 4 coaches)

Grand Total: $36,074.00 or $563.65/person

Increasing Roster Sizes

With both the men's and women's roster sizes increasing our desire to provide a world-class experienced for our student-athletes is becoming harder and harder to fulfill without support from alumni, family, friends, and staff. We have seen generous donations over the years and we thank you for that. This is the next step to continuing to enjoy the journey that we have found ourselves on through rowing. 

Natoma has played host to the West Coast Championships in many forms for decades. Dating back to 1984 PLU Crews have made the voyage to the Nimbus Flat at Lake Natoma to compete and test their mettle against the best of the West Coast. The WIRA Championships today is essentially every rowing program from Colorado west (excluding Pac-12 Conference Schools) competing for the Championships. 

This regatta is a Spring Board to the Lutes Post Season racing and a chance to see if we are going fast enough to continue onto post season competition. 

If you have rowed or been a part of the PLU Crew programs over the years, you know the prestige, the team building, and ultimately the great competition that traveling to Sacramento brings for the squad. 2.1

Our Team of Fundraisers

We have gathered both the men's and women's teams, key alumni together to combine our efforts in this endeavor. The two teams are one group of young women and men striving to be their best in the classroom and in athletics. Many of these athletes before coming to PLU were not involved in rowing programs, some with little athletic background. Yet, through dedicated training and devotion to becoming a better version of themselves they are now student-athletes. This trip will be a memorable opportunity to compete and continue to build our team. We invite you to help make this a reality by supporting our campaign. Go Lutes! 2.1
Cade Lilley 2.1
Vivyanne Le 2.1
Brooke Geiselman 2.1
Ashley Stiles 2.1
Ali Smith
Kiana Boyer 2.1
Kylee Dickinson 2.1
Nicole Jones
Madi Heaman 2.1
Taylor Sullivan 2.1
Grace Bingay 2.1
Marie Snow 2.1
Molly Ivey 2.1
Hannah Beach 2.1
Holly Knutsen 2.1
Aleksander Jensen 2.1
Savannah Truluck 2.1
Kaleʻa Paiva 2.1
Sydney Johnson 2.1
Allison Sheflo 2.1
Jackie Lindstrom 2.1
Sienna Mathes 2.1
Kaylyn Rosmaryn 2.1
Madeline Woods 2.1
Hannah McCullough 2.1
William Senseman 2.1
Ethan Marshman 2.1
Ellie Dieringer 2.1
Anna Norman-Wikner 2.1
Emily Toycen 2.1
Ali Wriggle 2.1
Cole Johnson 2.1
Annika Ivanoff 2.1
Hannah Peterson 2.1
Stacy Duran-Guerrero 2.1
Aiyana Parham 2.1
Allysen Garcia 2.1
Siobhan Warmer 2.1
Brooke Faubion 2.1
Maddie Herrmann 2.1
Clement Storksen 2.1
Sophia McDonald 2.1
Bay Faubion 2.1
Joel Robison 2.1
Kenneth Blaylock 2.1
Isaiah Banken 2.1
Jack Halsey 2.1
George Prigge 2.1
Malcolm Schoenlein 2.1
David Harvey 2.1
Emily Metzler 2.1
Alex Moore 2.1
Elizabeth Gutierrez 2.1
Andy Foltz