Lutes Take England August 2018

This crowdfunding project is no longer active, but if you would still like to support Women's Soccer, you can do so here (just make a note in the donation comments field). 

Almost four years ago the PLU Women's Soccer program embarked on its first-ever International Trip to England in the Summer of 2015. It was an amazing experience for the 19 student-athletes and staff that went. After the Fall 2015 season, when you heard the seniors describe their best memory of their time as a PLU student-athlete, this England trip was at the top of their list!

As four years have now passed, it's time to take a new group! Currently we have 25 players who have signed up for their ONE opportunity to experience a new country and new culture soccer style! It is such a rewarding experience to take the players to a place where "Football" has such a deep tradition and to watch them immerse themselves into this soccer-crazy nation of England.

This is a voluntary trip for our players so please read through our campaign page and consider helping to make this trip possible for our current student-athletes in the Pacific Lutheran University Women's Soccer program.  Please consider the "Pay for One Day" option as you go through our campaign page.  GO LUTES!

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About The Campaign

"Why" we do what we do at PLU Women's Soccer!

In the PLU Women's Soccer Program we try to "Chase Greatness" each year in three areas:

1.)  Personal Growth

2.)  Academics

3.)  Winning

In our program Person > Player.  

If we can improve every day as a person, student and player, and grow closer in our relationships each day, we will be Champions.  And you have to be a "Champion" on the inside before you can win a Championship.


Where does your contribution go?

The cost of this 10-day trip to England is over $3,000 per person. The 10-day on the ground only tour, which includes travel time, is right around $2,000.  This pays for hotels, two meals, Professional Match tickets, Professional Stadium Tours, a Tour of London, etc.  The cost of the flight to get to England is $1,100.  As you can see the total cost is over $3,000 for 10 days, which adds up to around $300 a day.  

Our goal for this campaign is to "Pay for One Day."  If we can raise a minimum of $300 for each of the 25 players, we have essentially taken "off a day of cost" from their total amount due.  

This will be a one-month campaign that will run through March 1st through March 31st.

We will be implementing this plan through email, social media and word of mouth. Help us spread the word! 

Thanks for any help you can provide to our student-athletes.  


What Makes PLU Women's Soccer "US" Unique?

Our Fundraising team is OUR ENTIRE TEAM!  We are led by our two captains Brianna Hunting and Amber Richards; and our Senior Class of Kate Peterson, Bianca Lindberg, Jamie Saito, Sarah Burns, Natalie Robinson, Rachel Ross, Katie Coronado, and Liz Griffith.

What ties us together is our love and passion for the women's soccer program here at Pacific Lutheran University.  We are the only team in the NWC to have traveled abroad for an International Trip (not once, but twice).  We are unique in that we put in the time and effort to grow as a person, student, player, team, and program by taking on awesome opportunities like this!

We embrace our past, but create our own future!

We invite  you to come join OUR TEAM and support this campaign! 2.1
Savannah Brown 2.1
Bianca Lindberg 2.1
Danielle Lisk 2.1
Kate Peterson 2.1
Hannah Smith 2.1
Natalie Robinson 2.1
Leah Magee 2.1
Jamie Saito 2.1
Katie Coronado
Alyssa Carter 2.1
Emily Sugimoto
Maddie Landreth 2.1
Sydney Larson 2.1
Ellie Johnson 2.1
Tasha Tennyson
Kelly Brown 2.1
Kari Mills 2.1
Amber Richards 2.1
Rachel Ross 2.1
cassidy crosswhite 2.1
Emma Hunter 2.1
Brianna Hunting 2.1
Ashton Huppert 2.1
Sarah Burns 2.1
Seth Spidahl