Celebrating the Lutes Championship Experience

This crowdfunding project is no longer active, but if you would still like to support PLU Athletics, you can do so here (just make a note in the donation comments field).

April 2 kicks off NCAA Division III Week – a chance for all Lutes to observe and celebrate the impact athletics and student-athletes have on the Pacific Lutheran University campus and surrounding community.  In conjunction with the start of the Division III Week, PLU Athletics is hosting its first department-wide giving campaign: Celebrating the Lutes Championship Experience.

For the next 30 days, you have the unique opportunity to show your support for Lute Athletics and our over 480 student-athletes.  We ask all Lute alumni, parents, students, and friends to share their Lutes Championship Experience and make a gift of any size!  After you make your own gift, we hope that you will share via social media using our online tool kit!

All gifts will go to the Lute Club general fund designated to support championship and post-season play for all 19 Division III sports.

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Purchase a meal while on the road for a student-athlete.

Black & Gold

Meals and snacks during and after play at a championship.


Purchase championship apparel for the event.

Athlete of the Year

Cover the cost of a travel suit and shoes for a season.

Northwest Conference Champions

Covers the cost of airfare and meals for a student-athlete during regional travel needed to compete.

National Champions

Ground transportation and lodging for a student-athlete.

Scholar Athlete

Cost of hosting a NCAA Division III opponent for a home game or tournament.


Major equipment purchase such as sleds, oars, safety screens, nets, etc. that can improve the facility for our student-athletes experience.

Thank You for Your Gift

Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.

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About The Campaign

A Tradition of Excellence

PLU Athletics is home to over 480 student-athletes who complete in 19 NCAA Division III sports.  During our history, our Lutes have captured 11 National Championships (9 NAIA, 2 NCAA Division III),  243 Northwest Conference titles, and over 40 individual national titles. 

Every year, our student-athletes compete for Northwest Conference titles, post-season tournaments, and NCAA berths to compete for national titles.  These are once in a lifetime experiences that help shape our Lutes into future leaders.

As committed members of the Lutes family, we are working together to spread the word about the Lutes Championship Experience campaign in an effort to raise awareness and dollars to make an impact on our student-athletes experiences and lives. Join us today!

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Lute Club

PLU Athletics is home to over 450 student-athletes who complete in 19 NCAA Division III sports.  The department's mission statement is to develop lifelong leaders through athletics united in teamwork, excellence, and service.  Each program strives toward these common goals while working together as one.

Gifts to the Lute Club Athletics Fund provide essential financial support by subsidizing team travel and equipment costs — both necessary to help our teams stay competitive.  The Lutes Championship Experience campaign is specifically targeting those efforts tied to NWC Championships, NCAA playoffs, and other postseason opportunities for our student-athletes.

Your contributions allow us to field competitive teams, schedules, and facilities. We could not make progress without you!  As a valued member of the Lutes family, we hope that you contribute, support, and share your championship experience and help us make an impact for today's Lutes!

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Spencer Crace
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Brandi Gordon Bennett
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Matt Sellman
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Adam Frye
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Kevin Aoki
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Nolan Soete
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