PLUtonic is producing a new studio album!

This crowdfunding project is no longer active, but if you would still like to support PLUtonic, you can make a gift here (just write a note in the donation comment field).

This spring, PLUtonic A Cappella will be recording a new studio album with brand new arrangements! PLUtonic is Pacific Lutheran University's premiere men’s a cappella group comprised of 12 talented and goofy men who come together for the love of a cappella music! 

The starting goal of this campaign is to raise $2,000 toward the costs associated with this project. Your generous support of this project is greatly appreciated! Read more about this amazing opportunity for this student-run a cappella group!

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The Great Donation

This donation could help cover the mastering expenses for one song on the album. Thank you for your support!

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This donation would help cover the mixing expenses for one song on the album! Thank you so much for your support!

The Grand Donation

This donation would cover an eighth of the total costs of the album, and would take care of all licensing fees associated with our songs!

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This donation would help cover a quarter of the total costs for this album, and would cover more than half of the mixing expenses for the entire album!

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This donation would help cover half of the entire expenses of this album, and would cover all of the mixing expenses and half of the licensing expenses!

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Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.

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About The Campaign

Something to remember

Plutonic has been around for more than a decade now. With that comes a legacy of dedication, musical excellence, and lots of Converse High-tops. PLUtonic has a unique and amazing sound this year and we are honored to get the chance to preserve it for years to come! For many of us this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.  

This album also gives us an opportunity to show off our amazing team off arrangers. Every song on the album is arranged by a member of PLUtonic. In fact, every song PLUtonic preforms is arranged by our singers. We take pride in signing only PLUtonic original arrangements and we can't wait to put them on the album.  

Outside of the musicality, this album will be a way to remember the amazing bond that PLUtonic shares. This has been one of PLUtonic's most successful years to date and that is due in part to how close we have become. If you ask any member of PLUtonic for their most important college experiences, PLUtonic will undoubtedly make the list. 2.1

Details About the Recording and Budget

Our album has already been recorded by our 17-18 President, Sean Murphy! He graciously was able to do the recording for free, which drastically cuts down on production costs. We will be mixing with PLU Alumni Dalton Rouse, who has done great work with PLUtonic before. Once that is done, we will be sending the album to be mastered by US renowned Bill O'Hare. Not only does he work frequently with groups like Pentatonix, but he also mixed and mastered our very first album, which sounded great. 

While all this is going on, PLUtonic will be working on getting the mechanical licenses, royalties, and distribution settled. Since all of the songs on the album are cover songs, they require special licenses in order to distribute them!

Here is a break down of our budget for this project:

- Mixing: $900
- Mastering: $360
- Licenses: $200
- Royalties: $350
- Distribution/Misc: $190

Any donations left over or dollars raised beyond $2,000 will go towards future years in PLUtonic. Whether that be paying for participation in ICCA, new uniform pieces for members, printing off sheet music — it will all go towards the group's future success! 2.1

About PLUtonic Acappella

PLUtonic Acappella has been an active club at Pacific Lutheran University for 11 years, and continues to put on amazing concerts throughout the school year. We have competed in countless competitions, traveled around the PNW for concerts and events, and have even been featured on "America's Got Talent." This year alone, PLUtonic has accomplished wonderful things.

This year, PLUtonic has performed/participated in over 25 events this school year, including community outreach, concerts on and off campus, fundraisers and recruitment events. Some of these events included PLU's Homecoming Football Game, Celebration of Light, both Lute Overknight events, and Stand in Solidarity.

Every year, PLUtonic competes in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA). This spring, we placed 2nd in the West Quarterfinal round that was held right here in Tacoma, Washington. This placement allowed us to move on to the Semifinal round in Salem, Oregon, where we competed against the top groups from the entire Western region of the U.S.A. and Canada. The last time PLUtonic placed this well in ICCA was the spring of 2015.

PLUtonic has also already produced an album, which is called "Twenty-One Kicks" and was released back in 2011. This album features some of the founding members of PLUtonic, as well as newer members that had joined in later years. However, all of the members that were on that album have since graduated from PLU.

We want to record a new album this year because we have all new members, a new sound, completely new arrangements, and the group this year has been very active and successful in our endeavors. We also want to preserve the legacy that PLUtonic has established in the past, and continue the standard of excellence that PLUtonic strives for.

Please join our efforts to produce this new recording. Your contribution is very important and appreciated! 2.1
Nathan Adams
Will Bentley 2.1
Ben Soderling 2.1
Ben Merrill 2.1
Andre Judd 2.1
Luke Hartley 2.1
Ben Axlund 2.1
John Doster 2.1
Sean Murphy 2.1
Chris Conway 2.1
Ethan Wiederspan