Student-built Satellite to Fight Forest Fires Worldwide

The upcoming Ex-Alta 2 satellite was inspired by the Fort McMurray, Slave Lake and California wildfire disasters. This mission will provide up-to-date information to assist first responders in directing their firefighting resources, and it will supply wildfire scientists with valuable data for their research. With your support Ex-Alta 2 is slated to launch in 2021 as part of a national mission run by the Canadian Space Agency and made possible by our community of supporters.


Launch Aboard an Atlas V

Ex-Alta 1 was conceptualized by a group of about 50 passionate and talented students that bonded over their common fascination with outer space. Now the student team is planning their next mission, the Ex-Alta 2 satellite, which will predict and monitor wildfires using a camera-like instrument. After the students designed, built, and tested Ex-Alta 1 on campus at the U of A (a four year journey), it was launched into space in April 2017 aboard a NASA resupply mission to the International Space Station.

The Ongoing Mission

Now in low Earth orbit, Ex-Alta 1 is monitoring space weather to help U of A researchers understand how they can protect electrical power and communications infrastructure from the threat of solar storms.

...and beyond

Help expand Alberta's space economy by creating an innovative platform that includes accessible, open source satellite software, as well as electronic and mechanical designs to increase both Canada's and the world's access to space.