EIA's Bridge Program empowers today's students to become tomorrow's global leaders by building bridges with isolated communities.

Isolation caused by impassable rivers is a root source of poverty all over the world. Fueled by the passion of university students and the wisdom of our local partners, the Engineers in Action Bridge Program builds footbridges with isolated communities to ensure they have year-round safe access to essential resources such as education, healthcare, and markets. 

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”  -Isaac Newton

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Five Deck Screws

Deck screws are used to connect the wooden deck boards together. By donating just $5 you can be the connection between us and our goal!

10kg of Tying Wire

$10 will allow us to purchase tying wire used to connect and hold the fencing in place. Your donation will really help us tie up some loose ends.

9m of Fencing

Your gift of $25 will allow us to purchase safety fencing that will be installed on either side of the bridge. Now go click that donate button! No being on the fence about it.

40 kg of Cement

Cement will serve as the foundation for the bridge. By donating $50 you can become the foundation for our project!

90m of Rebar

Rebar helps strengthen the concrete in the bridge and with this donation you can strengthen the success of the project!

28m of Cable

Cables are a vital component of the suspended cable bridge we are building. By donating $250 you could become the vital component of our project! Now that's something money can't buy.

Bronze Sponsor

A gift of this amount will help pay for almost all the dump trucks needed to get our supplies on site. As a thank you, you will receive all the benefits of a Bronze sponsor including company logo (if you are a company) on all our social media platforms, and a printed picture of the bridge! That's almost worth the $500 alone!

Silver Sponsor

A gift of this amount covers all of the wood costs for the entire bridge! Wood you believe it? As a thank you for your generosity, you will receive all the benefits of a Silver sponsor which include a print picture of the bridge and your company logo on all of our social media platforms, our team t-shirts and our bridge banner. On top of this, you will also receive a thank you card signed by the EIA team!

Thank You for Your Gift

Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.

Engineers in Action

About The Campaign

Who are Engineers in Action?

We are a student group at the University of Alberta and a chapter of the international organization Engineers in Action (EIA). The mission of EIA is to work with indigenous professionals to improve the lives of people in need through sustainable programs that build their capacity, while also helping to develop global awareness among program participants. As engineering students, we come from multiple disciplines and have been working very hard to get where we are now. Since our founding almost 4 years ago, we completed our first mentored bridge project in 2017 in Chillcani, Bolivia, as well as our first solo project in Chavarria, Bolivia in the summer of 2018. Because of these two successful projects, we have been awarded a 2019 project in Tijraska, Bolivia where we will be mentoring the Georgia Tech EIA chapter. Our chapter is in charge of every aspect of the project, including design, logistics, construction and helping fund the bridge. We will live with the locals in Tijraska for the entire duration of the project while we will work along side them to connect their community to important resources. 

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Why We Need Your Help!

Building bridges are huge feats and extremely expensive, especially for beginning university student groups. Not only are we in charge of building the bridge, but we are also involved in training locals in construction and maintenance. Tens of thousands of dollars is typically required to build a footbridge, not to mention the amount of volunteer time that is needed. Being students, this much money is very difficult to obtain; that's a lot of cookies in a bake sale! That is why we are reaching out to people like you to lend a hand and help us create a difference. We are in charge of providing approximately USD$20,000 to aid with the cost of the bridge in addition to our medical and equipment costs. This does not include the cost of flights, travel accommodations and transportation for our members on the trip. We are also responsible for sending graduated engineers, known as bridge corp members, along with our students to provide expertise and knowledge. Every dollar donated gets us closer to our goal and helps us connect Tijraska!

Last year we had some amazing sponsors as you can see in the image below, and this year we are looking for just as generous donors to help us!

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Our Team

Every member in our group is extremely passionate about humanitarian efforts and about using their knowledge of engineering for the greater good. Our group consists of engineering students with various backgrounds; from 5th year Civil to 2nd year Mechanical and even students in graduate programs. But we all have one thing in common, we care deeply about our group and have been working tirelessly to make the Tijraska project a success. Click each members Advocate Page to learn more!

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Aly Valji
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Yuelin Qiu
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Michael Manarin
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Ian Chin
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Noah Makar
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David Gibbs
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Rochelle De Omania
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Imisi Olagesin
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Dimple Ji
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Pablo Cano
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Maggie Harries
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David Percy
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Mingyuan Li
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Mabel Smith
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Destin Saba
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Georgia Dunn