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Who am I?:

I was the first in my family to attend post-secondary (and now, graduate school). Both of my parents were unable to complete any education past ninth grade (due to financial circumstances) and it was their life’s purpose to make enough money so that I could go to university. While I knew it was an incredible opportunity for me to be entering graduate school, I also felt extremely intimidated and alone having very few connections in academia. Experiencing ReCon made graduate school more accessible to me by providing invaluable experiences to build community and support networks, which have been vital to my graduate school experience today.

My Research:

Having grown up close to my brother who lives with visual and cognitive impairments, I was compelled to dedicate my studies in graduate school to positively impacting the lives of people living with disabilities.

The amount of physical activity recommended for youth is 60 minutes a day. However, youth with disabilities rarely meet this goal and are significantly less active than their non-disabled counterparts. As physical inactivity may put individuals at risk for chronic disease, there are major health concerns for this inactive population.

When you think of physical activity and disability, organizations such as Paralympics, Special Olympics, and Qi Creative might come to mind. With all these physical activity organizations that cater to people living with disability in Edmonton, why is it that so few people living with disability are physically active? The answer to this question has largely to do with the fact that people living with disability are likely to identify with other identities beyond disability that may prevent them from accessing physical activity services; for example, most disabled people are women, and people who are newcomers or Indigenous are more likely to be disabled. Disability spaces may welcome disabled people, but do they welcome low income, Indigenous, Black, POC, LGBTQ2S, immigrant, female disabled people? 

My research will explore the experiences of disabled youth who experience more than one form of marginalization to learn about the unique barriers they face when looking to access physical activity programs. My findings will inform disability physical activity organizations on ways to provide accessible opportunities for all youth living with disability to be active.

By supporting ReCon, you are supporting researchers like myself who have little social capital in academia, but all the passion and love to make a difference in her community.

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An Nguyen An Nguyen

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