Success and Friendships for Graduate Students start at ReCon

I am the Graduate Programs Administrator in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation.

I am very proud of the effort the graduate students put into making ReCon such a success.  ReCon 2018 was my first ReCon event.  ReCon is a fantastic way for students from all different backgrounds to come together and learn form each other.  It was a great way for me to meet the graduate students within our department and hear about all the amazing research they are doing.  Being able to witness the friendships being made between new graduate students and veteran students was unbelievable. They all learned more about each other and each other's research while having fun and interacting with each other during the activities that were planned by the student committee.  Not only did the students learn about each other's research but the new students had an opportunity to talk to their peers about their future in the program and get some tips to make their journey a success.

I strongly support this program as not only is it for the students but also a great way for our faculty/researchers to meet our students but also to hear what fantastic work the students are doing under their supervision and supervision of their colleagues.


Elisha Krochak Elisha Krochak

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