Dream bigger, Act smaller, Connect tighter, Be a ReConer!

From Beijng to Edmonton; across China to Canada; connect East to West. Life is always about exploring your area and yourself.

As an international student, every step for us is stepping out of our comfort zone. Not every environment is harmless to us. However,  in ReCon, it’s the place where we can learn, experience and grow in a safe way.

In ReCon, we are exposed to the breath-taking views of the Rocky Mountains, participating in fun icebreaker events to make new friends, enjoying interesting teamwork to enhance our relationships, learning from peers’ and professors’ area of studies, and experiencing the diversity within the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sports and Recreation.

At ReCon, I could be myself, build strong friendships, and learn from others that came before me. ReCon creates a unique space. It is a unique chance. 

Take a chance, be a leader, support the future. Why not help us be ReConers?

Liaoyan (Gary) Gan Liaoyan (Gary) Gan

High Five

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Paving the Way

Subsidized a portion of the conference registration for a student to attend ReCon. Thank you!

Opening Doors

Creates a door and an opportunity for a student to gain invaluable experiences in a research and professional development environment. Thank you!

Grow and Learn

Support a student to attend their first ReCon for a life-changing opportunity to grow and learn, network, and develop skills to towards future professional and personal development! Thank you!

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Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.