ReCon launches students towards Graduate Success!

I am the Associated Dean responsible for the Graduate Programs in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation. 

I am extremely proud to support our Grad students organize ReCon, which has become our Flagship event. ReCon welcomes new and returning students to the faculty, highlights their most recent research, strengthens relationships, and helps prepare students for their graduate studies and beyond.

Training the next generation of impactful researchers requires exposure to depth and breadth in their field. Our world-class researchers provide the depth, but ReCon is unrivalled in regards to how it can broaden our students views on Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation!

Normand Boulé Normand Boulé

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Paving the Way

Subsidized a portion of the conference registration for a student to attend ReCon. Thank you!

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Creates a door and an opportunity for a student to gain invaluable experiences in a research and professional development environment. Thank you!

Grow and Learn

Support a student to attend their first ReCon for a life-changing opportunity to grow and learn, network, and develop skills to towards future professional and personal development! Thank you!

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