For our diverse faculty to be truly diverse!

Hi! I'm Yeaseul.

I did my first degree in Physical Education at Seoul National University, and Master's at the University of Edinburgh. Now, I'm in my second year of PhD, here at the University of Alberta.

Yes, I'm moving around quite much. I've studied at three different universities (four including the exchange year in Sweden). But, I can tell you that our faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation at the University of Alberta is very special for me.

Our faculty is very big and diverse.

I'm in sociocultural studies of sport, but have peers working in biomechanical, historical, neuromotor, pedagogical, philosophical, physiological, and psychological perspectives of sport, exercise, physical activity, health, tourism, sport rehabilitation, recreation, and sport management in our faculty. I learn so much from this friendship academically, and intellectually. I have never been in a faculty that is this diverse, but also very welcoming and engaging. I don't think, however, I would have been able to meet all these people and befriend them without ReCon.

Attending ReCon as a new international student was the best decision I have made. Because the faculty is big, and the graduate works are time-consuming and focused, it is very hard for us to get to know outside our area of study in our faculty. Moreover, our faculty is not only diverse in disciplinarity. Many of us are not from Alberta or Canada. ReCon welcomes the newcomers and provides them with the right supports. 

I believe that as a diverse faculty, we have to have a better understanding of ourselves to be truly diverse. This also helps us not only to be more knowledgeable, but also to be more competent for our future career. I've benefited greatly from ReCon, and that is why I wanted to contribute back by joining the organising committee this year. I sincerely hope you consider supporting it as well!

Yeaseul Cho Yeaseul Cho

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