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Hi, I'm Elaine!

I believe the ReCon experience is invaluable to the development of researchers and professionals in our communities. 

  • BSc. Kinesiology alumni from UAlberta.
  • Current MA Recreation and Leisure Studies student.  

I hope that one day, my research and work will service communities of diverse cultural backgrounds to increase access opportunities that improve quality of life.

Canada is a diverse and complex place. 

  • Health and wellness through physical activity, active living, recreation, and leisure are increasingly important as our communities grow and age.
  • I'm interested in working in the industries that utilize research to support existing community groups, infrastructures, and advocates for quality of life.
  • I advocate for research-informed frameworks to be used in community services to improve quality of life for all. Especially communities of diverse cultural backgrounds. 


ReCon may be the first ever academic conference for some students! 
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Past life-changing experiences for graduate students in KSR include students from all over the world and Canada.

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Elaine Yip Elaine Yip

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