What are we fundraising for?

This year we attended the Tennis On Campus Pacific Northwest Championships in Tualatin Hills, Oregon, and out of 30 teams, we placed second among all the teams ! This win qualified us and secured our spot in the Tennis On Campus Nationals Tournament, the goal of our fundraiser.

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String Jobs

A gift of this amount will pay for 2 string jobs for our team members!

Rental Car

A gift of this amount will cover all of our transportation costs for the duration of our stay in Orlando!

Airfare for 3!

A gift of this amount will provide round-trip airfare for 3 of our team members! -For this donation, you will be dubbed a lifetime member of our Husky Tennis Club, able to join any practice or event!


A gift of this amount will cover all of our team members' flight costs for our trip!For this donation, we will rename one of our two yearly major events after a name of your choice (e.g. Brian Hou's Fall Fling, Brian Hou’s Mixed Doubles BBQ). Furthermore, we will personally send you live updates of our progress daily and provide you with video footage from the day's matches.

Thank You for Your Gift

Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.

UW Husky Tennis

About The Campaign

Why should you donate?

In addition to being some of the most passionate tennis players in the country, our travel team again this year is one of the strongest in this club's 13 year history. We put in the time and effort to hone our skills week after week, and after having placed second in the Pacific Northwest Sectionals tournament, we would like to test our ability against the finest college club teams in the nation. Your donation can help make our dream of attending Nationals come true!

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Budget Breakdown

Flights- $6100

Hotels- $1650

Tournament Fee- $250

Rental Car - $400

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Who are we?

Last year at Nationals, we placed 27th out of the top 64 teams in the nation. We are hoping to return to Nationals this spring to improve upon our standing from last year! Although our team graduated several seniors at the end of last year, our team has had many new players fill the void left by those of our seniors. Our current team is arguably as good as our team from last year, and I am confident that we will perform even better at Nationals this time around!

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Sofia Morrison
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Fu Long
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Paige Newman
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Brandon Nakata
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Daniella Brengelmann
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Trevor Jones
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Naved Krishnamurthy
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Shengxin Li
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Brian Hou