UW Women's Ultimate: Accessible For Everyone

We are the UW women's Ultimate club comprised of a traveling team, Element, and a local team, Big Bang. We are asking you to become a supporter of our program!

We need you to help us raise money to make this sport available for everyone to enjoy. The cost of playing can be discouraging for some, but we would hate to see that be a deciding factor not to play. Your donation will be part of the $10,000 we aim to raise to subsidize the costs of travel and equipment* and subsequently improve our program and minimize team dues. 

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A gift of this amount could allow us to purchase a disc! Discs often experience wear and tear so we can always use new team discs.

Fuel Up!

A gift of this amount allows you to fill a gas tank and send one car of players to a local tournament! We attend 6 local tournaments each year, with multiple cars driving to each, so gas money is always a necessity.


Put a girl in a jersey! A gift of this amount would cover the cost of one dark jersey and one light jersey.

Work Out Time

A gift of this amount would allow us to purchase 10 new discs, as well as cones and an agility ladder! We throw together every day and constantly work on improving our agility at practices, so these supplies are crucial to our skill development.

Tournament Package

A gift of this amount covers our entry fee to play in a tournament! These entry fees cover costs such as field space, food to fuel the players, onsite athletic trainers, and more. Follow along with us on twitter @UWElement for tournament updates!

Host A Youth Clinic

A gift of this amount allows us to purchase fields to host our annual youth clinic, Up Dawg! We host this tournament every year as a way to give back to the community by coaching youth players from the Seattle area.

Play On!

A gift of this amount allows you to show that you support this project, and allows us to purchase all of our tournament entry fees! As a competitive ultimate team, we travel to many tournaments during the year to play the best teams in the nation.

Thank You for Your Gift

Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.

UW Ultimate 2018

About The Campaign

Who We Are

We are a student-led Ultimate Frisbee club at the University of Washington. The foundation of the sport is reflected in our team's values of respect, personal accountability, and hard work. Every time we step onto the field we strive to encompass these values as a team. We practice 3 days a week, in rain, wind, and heat, to play our best and represent UW at tournaments.

Element competes nationally and has made 10 College National Championship appearances, winning gold in 2012 and finishing third in 2014.  Big Bang competes locally against a variety of opponents within the region and practices, develops, and grows alongside Element. 

Element players cover the cost for plane tickets on their own, which amounts to:

(Stanford Invite ~$300 + Presidents Day Invite ~$400 + Nationals ~$500) x 22 (teammates + coaches) = $26,400

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UW Women's Ultimate Frisbee Objectives

Grow Community Oriented Players:

Compete With Teams Around the Nation:

Outreach into the UW Community: 

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Our Team

2016 Highlights


Hazel Brown
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Emily Aoki Yamashita
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Bonnie Ho
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Claire Cyra
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Nichola Wong
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Lucia Minahan
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Helen Fritchman
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Alishia Orloff
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Madeline Kramer
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Liz Allyn
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Anna Onstad-Hargrave
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Qiqi Cai
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Inaayat Gill
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Anya Meleshuk
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Kaitlin Kirkpatrick
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Kate Dusenbury
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Nicole Cramer
Cicely Warnick
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Carla Marigmen
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Alexa Yadama
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Rachel Jecker
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Mariel Empinado
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sophie Johansen
Maia Kushnaroff
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Anna Sheppard
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Kyle Weisbrod