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University of Washington Men's Club Soccer is a fantastic opportunity for all students to be part of as the team provides an environment to foster new relationships and individual growth through competitive sports. While we wish everyone interested could be part of the team, the club is mostly self-funded, and the financial burden on participants may deter some from participating. Through our fundraiser, we wish to alleviate stress on our players so everyone feels welcomed to join the team!

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One Training Bib

A gift of this amount allows our club to purchase one new training bib. Having sets of multiple colors is important for our practice sessions.

Practice Soccer Ball

A gift of this amount allows our club to purchase one new soccer ball for use in practice.

Student League Fee

This amount would cover a student's registration in the league for one quarter

Rental Van to Nationals

A gift of this amount would fund a van rental for 6 players to the national tournament in California.

Tournament Entry

A gift of this amount covers entry for one tournament.

Coach for a Quarter

This amount would cover the fees for a coach to run practices for both teams. Having a coach greatly increases the development of players on the team by taking the burden off of our captains and bringing a greater depth of soccer knowledge to the pitch.

Thank You for Your Gift

Our success relies on the generosity of our community. A gift today will have a lasting impact, and we are so grateful for it.

UW Men's Club Soccer

About The Campaign

Why donate?

Students at the University of Washington have always been very skilled soccer players thanks to Seattle's great soccer culture. Whereas the city has boasted a countless number of opportunities at the youth soccer level, the opportunities for all skills levels at the UW have not always been present. The UW Men's Club Soccer was created to fill that void by providing students with an opportunity to play soccer that is significantly more competitive than intramurals without the stress of Division 1 sports. 

The club has grown significantly since its inception, and we are proud to say we have become one of the largest sports clubs at the university with 55 members. The club means a lot to its players and contributes greatly to their college experience. It creates friendships that last and provides a fun and competitive outlet for those who seek it out. The club community is strengthened not only by league and tournament play, but also by group fundraising efforts, social events (Sounders games, team dinners, etc.), and mentorship.

Unfortunately, the club has limited funding and is unable to provide players equal opportunities to coaching, tournaments, and games even with our current fundraising efforts. For example, this Spring we hope to take our team to Sacramento to compete in the WCSA national tournament, which would be a first for our club.

In order to meet the needs of players to play throughout the school year at a competitive level, the dues of the club have increased, discouraging some players from joining or continuing to play. The goal of this fundraiser is to maintain and increase the opportunities the club offers to its players while reducing the significantly higher financial costs that often go along with it.

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How will the funds be spent?

These funds will be allocated over the course of our spring season, during which we will travel across the state and in Oregon to compete against other Pacific Northwest club teams. We also plan to compete in two tournaments. The spring season runs from the end of March to early June.

The club also consists of two teams - Purple and Gold. A majority of funds will go towards the Purple team, because their travel costs are far higher than those of the Gold team, which plays primarily in a local Seattle adult league.

Funds will be allocated to three main costs: collegiate competition, tournament play, and training support.

1. Collegiate competition - These funds will cover a portion of collegiate competition costs. ($2210-3140)

2. Tournament play - Covering the cost of two tournaments. ($2840)

3. Training Support ($950)

Any unspent funds left at the end of the quarter will go towards these same payments in the fall league. However, we expect to use all of the proceeds for the games and tournaments during Spring Term.

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Why this matters

For many years, UW Men's Club Soccer has provided an inclusive space where everyone, regardless of background, can unite and grow together through our love of soccer. The team consists of players from all over the country, and from all types of academic, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We embrace our diversity as a team and support each other through our passion for the game. We do our utmost to accommodate all students who share this passion, regardless of their personal circumstances.

Your support would be greatly appreciated so we can provide the best opportunities to all our athletes!

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