Expanding Men’s Volleyball in Seattle

We are a club sport program at the University of Washington, dedicated to providing our members with an opportunity to pursue their passion for volleyball while excelling to the best of their ability as student athletes. This year we were blessed to have 120 UW students attend our open tryouts in the fall and due to budget restrictions, were able to sign 60 members for our three teams! We are currently focused on fundraising to subsidize the cost of our Purple Team’s upcoming trip to Nationals in St. Louis, MO. Our starting goal size is $8,000. Once we achieve this milestone, our team's stretch goal is $10,000, which our campaign page highlights in further detail. It will be a privilege for our most skilled players to attend such a high-level tournament and, with your support, we would love to continue to make this and many other tournaments accessible to our players in the future!

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UW Men's Volleyball

About The Campaign

What We Do

The University of Washington Men’s Club Volleyball program has developed a competitive environment in which participants are able to learn the sport, hone their skills and compete at the highest level in the Pacific Northwest. 

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Nationals Budget Breakdown

Flights (12 people): $4800

Lodging, Hotels(5 days, 4 nights): $2,212

National Tournament Registration Fee: $900

Misc: $250

Grand Total: $8,162

Club Objectives

Passion to Play

We pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate the varied skill levels of those who wants to join our club. Having this open door policy allows us not only to reach out to individuals with prior experience, but also to those who have never played volleyball or even a team sport before. Within the last few years, we have developed three teams within our program in order to give each person the level of play that they will best excel in. Our club has benefitted tremendously from the hard work and dedication of our members to learn and improve in the sport of volleyball.

Learning Never Stops

Players of this sport know that learning doesn’t stop when you get on the court. Volleyball provides every athlete with the opportunity to learn many life lessons. On the road to improvement and success, volleyball players learn the importance of communication and the difference between good and bad communication. Volleyball has taught our players what it means to persevere in challenging situations and, above else, how to be a good teammate. In any professional or social setting, it is always important to be able to work well with others. Upon playing this sport, our members will be able to take with them ways to be successful in all their future endeavors.

Growth in the Community

Compared to popular places like Hawai’i or California, men’s volleyball strives to maintain growth and community support in other parts of the country like the Pacific Northwest. Expanding the accessibility of this sport on campus and throughout the greater Seattle area would not be attainable without support from our friends, families, the university, and the local community. As one of the premier men’s volleyball clubs in Seattle, our goal is to continue to grow and maintain a positive impact on the community.

Bump, Set, Hit!

We encourage all students at the University of Washington to come join our Men’s and Women’s Club Volleyball teams. Within the last few years, our men’s program has doubled in membership and we hope to continue to accommodate this growth by providing our members with competitive and accessible opportunities in the years to come!

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